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At KOMPAK, we work closely with the governments at all levels through national and provincial interventions. Our mission is to reduce poverty by improving basic services and local economic development for poor and vulnerable people by taking into account gender equality analysis and social inclusion.

We provide technical support in efforts to reform the policy and regulatory framework, improve and standardise basic services provisions, enhance cross-sector collaboration, improve data management and utilisation, and develop the innovations as well as to strengthening the public oversight mechanisms.

We partner with the non-governmental organizations both local and national, who wants to utilise the skills and expertise that we have, to ensure that the results of the program implementation and the learning can be institutionalised throughout the province - and if possible more broadly - as far as possible outside the working period of the program.

Knowledge Management Manager
CLOSED November 09 2020

The Knowledge Management Manager will support KOMPAK in managing organization-wide knowledge management initiatives to ensure that KOMPAK’s learning, practice, and approaches are captured, reported and strategically utilized in a user friendly way for a variety of purposes, internal and external, in a structured manner. The Knowledge Management Manager will be supported by Knowledge Management Task Force.The Knowledge Management Manager reports directly to the Research & Evaluation (R&E) Lead and work closely with the Communications Team. Note: The virtual interview will be held on 12 November 2020, any shortlisted candidates must be available on the set date.

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