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A Framework for Striving for an Integrated Village Information System

Published: 08/12/2017

Law No 6 of 2014 on Villages mandates that local governments must develop village information systems in village information systems and rural area development. Village information systems include village data, village development data, rural areas, as well as other relevant information. The data is managed by the village government and can be accessed by the village community and all stakeholders.

Actually, a form of village data and information system already exists, but thousands of villages still use books and handwritten because they have not been electrified or not be able to use computers. With the increasing amount of funds coming into the village, villages need better data and information management by utilizing the benefits of information technology, regarding to do the planning, accountability, transparency, and public services by the village government.

Thus, the vision of developing a village information system that will be supported by the government must be :

  1. Village information system can be used by the village itself to administer village governance, manage finances, improve public services and responsible for the results of village development and public services.
  2. Village information system can be utilized by the supra village government to monitor and evaluate the results of the implementation of the Village Law while still giving freedom to district and village to determine other data which they really needed (meeting minimum / standard data requirements from the top to down). But it must be considered that the ability of villages is vary in providing various types of data and information with acceptable quality.

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