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Legal Identity Documents Support Poverty Reduction Efforts

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Published: 17/10/2019

A villager from Ngumbul Village processed his legal identity documents (Photo: KOMPAK)

Salim, a 65-year-old from Ngumbul village, Pacitan district, East Java, never had a birth certificate until a few months ago. “Previously, nobody at home had a birth certificate, including my children and grandchildren. We didn’t know the importance of one to help us access services from the government,” said Salim. 

This was common in this region. The Head of Civil Registry Services of Population and Civil Registration Office of Pacitan Distict, Ari Januarsih, explained that a lack of understanding of the importance of legal identity documents and the distance to reach service centers had contributed to the high number of people without legal identity documents. 

The situation became an issue for the Pacitan District Government when they were about to pilot a new poverty reduction program, known as 'Grindulu Mapan', but they did not have accurate data on the people the program was targeting. 

“We did not know the number of poor people, who they were, and in which hamlets they lived, because many residents did not have legal identity documents such as birth certificates, identity cards, or family cards,” Januarsih explained.

"Fortunately, KOMPAK assisted us to ensure residents could get legal identity documents easily and quickly so that the program could run immediately."

The Population and Civil Registration Office conducted a campaign – known as the Population Administration Completion Movement (GERTAK) – to increase legal identity document coverage. GERTAK is conducted by deploying Population Registration Officers - who are trained by KOMPAK - to collect data from people who do not yet have population documents. This data collection is carried out especially for the poor and people with disabilities. 

The Population and Civil Registration Office also activated various innovations such as Direct Hearings for Birth Certificates, Proactive Services by Motorcycle Officers, and visiting homes of sick, elderly people or people with disabilities to help them administer Birth Certificates and other legal identity documents.

The success of this campaign requires coordination from various parties. KOMPAK assisted the Population and Civil Registration Office to collaborate with multiple district government agencies, as well as front-line service units such as schools and community health centres to identify communities that do not have population documents.

By the end of the campaign, the Population and Civil Registration Office succeeded in issuing about 2,000 new legal identity documents. This included many new birth certificates for children, one of the priorities in the Medium-Term National Development Plan 2015-2019. This enabled the Pacitan District Government to implement the Grindulu Mapan program thanks to the completeness of legal identity documents. 

"By June 2019, as many as 548 target families in Ngumbul village can benefit from 'Grindulu Mapan', including distribution of cash for groups of craftsmen, farmers and processed food producers. This was possible because we had complete and accurate statistics and the people participating in the program had the necessary legal identity documents," explained Miskun, Head of General Affairs of Ngumbul Village.

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