Accurate Data to Accelerate Welfare Improvement in the Land of Papua

Author: Andhiani Manik Kumalasari / Paulus Enggal Sulaksono
Published: 14/03/2022

Accurate Data to Accelerate Welfare Improvement in the Land of Papua

The governments of Papua and Papua Barat Provinces, in cooperation with KOMPAK (an Australian-Indonesian government partnership program) organised Land of Papua Inspiration Forum with the theme “Good Collaborative Practices to Accelerate Welfare Improvement in the Land of Papua” on Wednesday, 9 March 2022. The event aimed to promote good practices and innovations that have been implemented in Papua and Papua Barat.

The Land of Papua Inspiration Forum presented the success of Papua and Papua Barat Provinces in optimising Otsus (Special Autonomy Region) funds to alleviate poverty. The Indonesian Statistics for Papua and Papua Barat Provinces recorded that poverty figures in these two provinces declined by 14-19% from 2002 to 2021.

“The decline in poverty rate was achieved with collective work between the province, district, as well as central governments, supported by KOMPAK,” said Mohamad Lakotani, S.H., M.Si., Vice Governor of Papua Barat.

Since 2015 and with the support from KOMPAK Program, the Papua and Papua Barat Province Governments have developed and tested innovations to improve planning and budgeting quality, governance quality of the government, and access to basic services and social protection program.

One of these innovations is in the development of village information system, which stores and updates civil, social, and economic data of every villager. The system is managed by village cadres and provides accurate data for the government as a basis to plan development programs.

“Based on such accurate data, we can confirm the total number of Papua citizens, their residential location, and their poverty level, so development planning can be more precisely targeted,” said Dr. Ridwan Rumasukun, S.E., M.M., Regional Secretary of Papua.

In the Papua Province, the village information system is known as Papua People Information System (SIO Papua), while in Papua Barat, it is called Village Administration and Information System (SAIK+). The village information system supports other innovations such as the Distrik Membangun, Membangun Distrik program, social protection program, Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS), planning synergy, community and village cadre empowerment, and PROSPPEK (an Otsus-funded program which aims to increase the Human Development Index in Papua Barat).

Data of the Indigenous Papuan People (OAP[1]) is the main variable in calculating the allocation of Otsus funds for the districts/cities in Papua. Accurate data generated by the village information system also makes it easier for OAP to receive basic services and assistance program, because the system also collects data on civil registry document ownership status of the communities. Village apparatus will help villagers still lacking civil registry documents because these documents are the requirements to access basic services such as education, healthcare, and social protection programs.

“With SIO Papua, villages in the Asmat District can have accurate data to be used as a basis of village development planning as described in the Village Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMK[2]), in synergy with provision of basic services,” said Holly Decembrine Tahitoe, Section Head of Data Analysis and Development Information on Social and Culture, Regional Development Planning Agency of Asmat District.

In addition to assisting village governments, accurate data also supports the synergy in sub-district government planning. Yacobus Frits Ramar, Head of Oransbari Sub-District, South Manokwari District, explained, “We are now capable of planning at the sub-district level, and not just partial planning. We have managed to synergise and collaborate to integrate all plans based on SAIK+ data. This is our achievement.”

The success of innovations developed by local governments along with KOMPAK, particularly those that contribute to the improvement of OAP welfare, was recognized by the Australian Government. “Through KOMPAK, we have supported the efforts of national, province, and district governments to alleviate poverty; increase access for the underprivileged, vulnerable, and OAP to basic services; develop traditional villages; and empower OAP to contribute to the local economy,” said Kirsten Bishop, Minister Counsellor for Governance and Human Development of DFAT, Australian Embassy. She hoped that other provinces and district governments would also be inspired to study, adjust, and adopt good practices that have been developed in the Land of Papua.

At the Inspiration Forum, the Papua and Papua Barat Governments also launched Knowledge Center, a digital platform that stores data on good practices and lessons learned from development innovations that have been trialed. Through this platform, it is hoped that the Papua and Papua Barat Governments can spread information on good practices that are replicable for other regions.

The Land of Papua Inspiration Forum is part of a series of activities on sharing knowledge and good practices in 7 provinces (East Java, South Sulawesi, Central Java, West Nusa Tenggara, Aceh, Papua, and Papua Barat) supported by KOMPAK since September 2021. The activities culminated at the National Inspiration Forum in late March 2022.

[1] Orang Asli Papua

[2] Rancangan Pembangunan Jangka Menengah Kampung

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The governments of Papua and Papua Barat Provinces, in cooperation with KOMPAK (an Australian-Indonesian government partnership program) organised Land of Papua Inspiration Forum w...