Sub-district and Village Strengthening

Over the past 20 years, Indonesia has increasingly decentralised financing and public services from the national to district and village governments. This has led to the district and village governments having substantial financial resources and authority to oversee and deliver basic services.

The sub-district – or kecamatan – occupies a strategic position between these two levels of government and in overseeing frontline basic services, such as schools, community health centres, and civil registry processes.

To support the villages and sub-districts, KOMPAK is prioritising five key result areas:

  • Strengthen the sub-districts as the centre for village governance and technical assistance;
  • Establish and strengthen integrated village and sub-district information systems;
  • Strengthen community engagement and accountability mechanisms;
  • Strengthen women’s involvement in village governance; and
  • Strengthen village budgeting and planning.

KOMPAK Success 2022

  • Village governments have the skills and mechanisms (including data) to improve basic services at the village and inter-village levels.
  • Local governments provide effective support to villages and service units (health clinics and schools) to improve basic services.
  • An increased number of women have assumed higher roles of formal responsibility in their village in KOMPAK targeted provinces.

A Platform to Foster Public Service Innovations


The Public Service Information Network (JIPP) of Central Java Province was soft launched on July 10, 2018 by the provincial government. JIPP was established as a platform to learn and disseminate innovations of public services from the provincial and district government in Central Java. Through JIPP, the public service providers in Central Java will be able to exchange information around innovative practices that have benefited the public.

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