Health and Nutrition

KOMPAK provides assistance to pilot innovative ways to deliver health services more efficiently and effectively and to strengthen health and nutrition policies, regulations and systems for district governments. The main areas of assistance were in conducting a study to assess the feasibility of using drones for remote area medical supply distribution, the piloting of a mobile application to support midwives provide services to pregnant women, and technical assistance to districts to help implement the National Strategy to Accelerate Stunting Prevention.

KOMPAK is prioritising two key results areas:

  • Develop and test innovative health initiatives; and
  • Strengthen district health and nutrition policies

KOMPAK Success 2022

Local governments and service units have developed and tested local innovations to improve the accessibility and quality of health and nutrition services.


Bidan Sehati Application: Early Monitoring to Reduce Maternal and Infant Mortality


The Health Office of Bener Meriah District, together with KOMPAK, conducted a focus group discussion for midwives from 13 Public Health Centres or Puskesmas on August 6, 2019. The purpose of the focus group discussions was to get input and feedback from midwives who have used the Bidan Sehati application so that it can be refined in the next version.

Story of Change
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