SIKOMPAK Knowledge Center

"Pelajari, Terapkan, Tuliskan"

Platform ini memuat konten pengetahuan, pembelajaran, dan konsultasi model inovasi. Dimulai dari menuangkan hasil kerja sama KOMPAK dan Pemerintah, dan akan terus dikembangkan sehingga tetap relevan dengan kebutuhan pengguna.



"Share and Inspire"

KOMPAK together with local governments in 7 provinces will hold a series of good practice sharing activities/Inspiration Forums

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Lagu Cita Indonesia

Berkolaborasi & Bersinergi

Cerdas Kelola Sampah, Menuju Desa Peduli Lingkungan

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KOMPAK supports the Government

in responding to COVID-19

We support the government at all levels to develop pandemic response policies and services guidelines, identify vulnerable groups and ensure that communities continue to have access to basic services and livelihoods.

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Governance for


KOMPAK is a facility funded by the Government of Australia to support the Government of Indonesia in achieving its poverty reduction targets and addressing inequality

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KOMPAK brings real

change to Indonesia

We support initiatives that will improve the capabilities of the government – at the national, provincial, sub-district and village levels – to manage and deliver basic civil registration, health & education services and create an enabling environment ...

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KOMPAK works at all

levels of government

Our network of expertise stretches to seven provinces and the central ministries where we support government partners to shape direction, build capabilities and support execution for sustainable results

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KOMPAK is strengthening gender equality

and social inclusion

Underpinning our work is an effort to ensure the poorest and most vulnerable have a say in how government operates and are provided with the essential services they need

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