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KOMPAK Work Plan 2016

This KOMPAK 2016 Work Plan reflects commitment to development in Indonesia and enthusiasm for the program of work to implement. The 2016 Work Plan is presented in two parts: Part A is the Operational Plan and Part B is the Implementation Plan. Chapters 1 to 3 present the strategic context; linking the 2016 Work Plan to KOMPAK’s 3-year guiding strategy, describe KOMPAK’s governance arrangements and, outline KOMPAK’s strategic performance framework. Chapter 4 provides an overview of how KOMPAK will engage with the Government and other key partners. Chapters 5 and 6 set forth two key strategies to assist us operationalise our commitment: i) implementation instruments that enable us to implement new approaches to development at the activity level and ii) a process for investment decision making that ensures we remain flexible and responsive, yet strategic. KOMPAK’s Project Management Cycle (PMC) is presented in chapter 7. This framework represents a key management tool that will ensure implementation is on track while enable the Facility to reflect, learn, refocus and adapt based on the realities of an ever changing environment. Chapter 8 provides an overview of our approach to risk management while Chapter 9 summarises our communications strategy. Chapter 10 provides an overview of KOMPAK’s approach to achieving Value for Money. Chapter 11 onwards is Part B – The Implementation Plan and presents finer details of the 2016 Work Plan, including an update of the Government of Indonesia operating context, the priorities for the Senior Management Team for the year ahead, and a summary of projects to be implemented by KOMPAK in 2016 (with Gantt charts annexed). The budget summary is presented in Chapter 18.
KOMPAK Work Plan 2016
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