KOMPAK Working Paper Series # 4: The Role of University in Supporting the Implementation of SEPAKAT to Increase the Effectiveness of Local Poverty Reduction

Various instruments have been developed to help the local government  implemenpoverty reduction programs. The Government of Indonesia developed the pro-poor planning, budgeting and monitoring (P3BM) system to help local governments map poverty, draf program and budgets and direct the development programs based on the poverty mapping identification. The government also built an integrated information system (SIMPADU), i.e., planning, implementation, and monitoring system for PNPM. The program can help the government in allocating the PNPM fund in accordance with the local community’s condition and expectations. Both systems (P3BM and SIMPADU), , and have been incorporated into the planning, budgeting, monitoring, and evaluation system of the integrated poverty analysis (SEPAKAT), which uses the tools from P3BM and SIMPADU. SEPAKAT has been piloted in Pacitan and Bantaeng, and has assistedthe local government to synergize various programs and deliver them to the beneficiaries. Thus, this application can be used by the local government to implement poverty alleviation programs in all regions and by all community members, and is an important step in adopting the spirit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “no one left behind.” 

Consistent and continuous implementation is required to carry out the poverty reduction effectively. Therefore, SEPAKAT needs further improvement and wider distribution. It is recommendedthat the SEPAKAT is not only stationed in the local government institutions but also in the local universities to avoid the bias of government bureaucracy.and the involvement of higher education is expected to use SEPAKAT to accomodate local conditions. Local universities can also provide feedback for the improvement of poverty reduction efforts and policies.


The main research report of the study is available here.

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