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Universitas Membangun Desa (UMD)-Unpar: Developing Village Database through Students Community Service

The KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata/community service for university students) is an untapped potential for rural…

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Short-run Results from a Randomized Evaluation of the Livelihoods Pilot (PKKPM) in Indonesia

Improving the livelihoods of poor households in a sustainable manner is the priority of governments…


KOMPAK Working Paper Series # 4: The Role of University in Supporting the Implementation of SEPAKAT to Increase the Effectiveness of Local Poverty Reduction

Various instruments have been developed to help the local government  implemenpoverty reduction programs. The Government…

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Joint Supervision Mission Report Implementation of KOMPAK Program In The Regions

The governance of the KOMPAK Program requires a joint supervision mission to monitor program implementation,…


Guideline of Innovative Kuliah Pengembangan Masyarakat (KPM) of Universitas Membangun Desa (UMD) December 2017

The activities of Kuliah Pengembangan Masyarakat/KPM (community service learning) are specifically designed under the Universitas…