Project & Activities


This project supports improvements in frontline service delivery in Papua and West Papua by performing direct interventions with key frontline units, as well as facilitating vertical integration and coordination between the local government (district and sub-district) and the village level in terms of developing planning and budgeting. The project focuses on health, education, legal identity and village development. This project will: conduct extensive consultation with provincial and district governments to ensure the design of Landasan Phase 2 is in line with the local context, local government priority programs, and the regulatory environment in early 2016; continue the effective practices that were developed under the first phase of the Landasan program, with additional focus on legal identity component and monitoring and evaluation and quality assurance of implementation. This will increase the ability to identify capacity development gaps and target capacity development activities in areas that are most needed.

Intermediate outcome:

1.     The improvement of fiscal transfer arrangements for basic service delivery

2.     Strengthened Local government (LG) and service units (SU) systems, processes and procedures

3.     Local government and service units utilize evidence and understanding local issues to improve services

4.     Village governments are more responsive and accountable to the identified needs of their communities, particularly those of the poor and vulnerable


Bappenas, Local governments, implementing Partners (BAKTI)

Contributes to GOI Strategy or Policy

Law No. 23/2014 on Local Autonomy

Local government medium-term plans (RPJMD)

Ministry of Health Medium Term Plan, Ministry of Education Medium Term Plan

Geographic coverage:

Papua, West Papua

Key Activities:

  • Improving local planning and budgeting to provide adequate allocations to health, education, HIV and CRVS services.
  • Strengthening management and innovations in Health and Education services
  • Strengthening System and Community Roles in HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support
  • Participative and Integrated Planning and Budgeting Processes   and Services Units
  • Improving Role of Kecamatan on: Legal Identity Services; Monitoring of SU and villages and; Integrating cross-villages and SUs planning and budgeting.

Key Outputs:

  • Annual district budgets adhere with mandatory budget allocations for basic services in health and education and are developed in accordance with established Minimum Serivice Standar/MSS (including HIV related program)
  • Services units (health facilities and schools) prepare annual planning and budgeting in accordance with MSS and service delivery standards and in line with communities priorities - including priorities in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH), HIV, TB, Malaria
  • Services units deliver programs and services in accordance with annual plans and budgets
  • The improvement of technical capacities of services unit staffs in HIV prevention, care, support
  • Pilot of data management, analysis and reporting system in target services units including HIV related data
  • Pilot of performance incentive system at targeted services units.
  • Try out innovation with HIV issues consideration
  • Pilot of sub-district legal identity services and referral system
  • m
  • Training and functioning of Health and education cadres/committees including HIV related capacity building
  • Pilot of sub-district information management system
  • Pilot of Integrated planning between villages and services units at sub-district level
  • Services units and villages monitored bysub-district .
  • The establishment and update information system at targeted villages.
  • Budget allocations for education and health sectors at the village level reflects the priority needs of the village.
  • Village regulation development
  • Community engagement in HIV prevention, care and support
  • Implementation of village plans and budgets in line with approved plans and budgets.
  • Villages are monitoring delivery of village plans and budgets
  • Pilot of village performance incentive system



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