The Governance Arrangements

At the highest level, KOMPAK is governed by the Steering Committee, a bilateral governance mechanism between the GoI and the Government of Australia convened for the specific purpose of providing high level strategic guidance and endorsement for KOMPAK activities.

Co-chaired by Echelon 1 representatives of KOMPAK counterpart Government of Indonesia (GoI) Ministries, the GoI’s PMK and a senior official from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of the Government of Australia (GoA), the Steering Committee has the following functions:

  • Provides overall strategic direction to the KOMPAK Facility;
  • Promotes harmonisation and coordination across the cross-sector GoI agencies;
  • Endorses and confirm KOMPAK’s strategic direction and guiding strategy, annual work plan and other strategic documents;
  • Reviews progress achieved in the implementation of KOMPAK projects and;
  • Reviews and provide direction on the resolution of challenges that cannot be resolved at the Technical Committee level.

At a lower-level, KOMPAK’s Technical Committee is co-chaired by Bappenas’ Echelon 2 representative and a DFAT official. Permanent members are Echelon 2 Directors from the relevant Directorates in the partner GoI line ministries and the KOMPAK Facility’s Chief of Program. The Technical Committee will also include the Head of the Provincial Technical Team to ensure equal representation from lower levels of the GoI (Sub-national Governments). Membership can be expanded in line with the agenda and themes of specific activities depending on the context.

The Technical Committee provides technical advice to the partnership on a more regular basis and has the following functions:

  • Provide technical input, oversight and guidance to KOMPAK throughout the implementation of approved Annual Work Plans;
  • Promote synergies across KOMPAK projects and activities with GoI programs at the central and local government levels;
  • Monitor and analyse findings during the implementation of activities and technical evaluations;
  • Prepare reports, materials, documents and recommendations for the Steering Committee based on findings from technical evaluations and monitoring of KOMPAK’s programs;
  • Communicate progress and results to other parts of GOI and to the Steering Committee based on evaluations and monitoring of KOMPAK investments.
  • Encourage learning and the exchange of knowledge between stakeholders;

Three Thematic Working Groups (TWG) on Basic Services, Village Governance, and Economic Development provides technical consultation and input in the preparation of project/activity designs, studies, evaluations, and the implementation of KOMPAK activities. The TWGs also provide technical recommendations to the Technical Committee and the membership is chaired and facilitated by Bappenas based on the agenda or issues to be discussed.

Technical Teams (Sub-national at Provincial-level and district-level) support the subnational implementation playing a role similar to the national-level Technical Committee.

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